How Fast Is 3G?

When I tested 3G using a Zalip CDG561WE 3G HSPA+ Router (Up To 21Mbps) with a 3G SIM card from, this is the download and upload speeds we achieved.

How Fast Is 3G - CDG561WE Speedtest with 3 Mobile SIM

That is a download speed of 12Mbps and an upload speed of 2.3Mbps Рand this was not a one off.  We regularly test our 3G Routers and HSPA+ Routers and get download speeds between 6-9Mbps as an average with peaks of up to 14Mbps.


4G Speed Test

Everything Everywhere (EE) will be launching their new 4G mobile broadband service later this year offering high speed mobile broadband services and there is a new 4G Speed Test website providing the ideal speedtest tool to impress your friends with your new high speed 4G LTE mobile internet service that rivals fixed line Fibre Broadband.

Visit the 4G Speed Test Website Now.